Introducing Julie’s new book:

Mind Training for Swimming Fast

The perfect gift for your swimmer for just $20 inc P&P.

An invaluable resource tool for swimmers that is advancing rapidly within the swimming community all over the world that teaches the mind tricks to produce instant speed.  Mind Training for Swimming Fast is supported by Swimming Queensland, Swimming New South Wales, Swimming Victoria and the Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association.

Learn the modern neuroscience tricks that produce happier and wiser swimmers that are swimming FASTER with just their minds.  An easy to read book for ages 9/10yrs upwards to adult that parents will love to read too.  Teaching the mental skills for toughness, wisdom and happiness within swimming.

So many of our wonderful swimmers have struggled mentally in the past during their careers and even felt lost as they transition into life without swimming.  If only they had worked with Julie Robinson in preparing their minds for even faster, happier and more successful swimming experience, but also creating an understanding of how their mind works to clear the overwhelm attached to being an athlete.

In one small but extremely powerful interactive book a swimmer can learn, implement and practice control over their emotions in such a way that promotes a pleasurable aquatic journey. They will be swimming longer, having more fun, and more importantly racing FASTER.

This book is filled with quirky cartoons and quotes that ‘edutain’ even the most reluctant of testiFor US and other international orders outside Australia click HERE!

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“I found my son engrossed in this book”

“Mind Training for Swimming Fast has so many new and fresh ideas for swimmers and coaches.  This very different approach gives swimmers direction.  It opens up their mind and certainly provides the mental tools to manage their aquatic journey.”

“A MUST for all swimmers of any age!”

“It’s awesome!  Such simple ideas.  Now it makes sense.”

“At last, Julie has stopped talking (for a while) and put pen to paper for us……”

Aimed at SWIMMERS and other ATHLETES who want to TRAIN their MINDS for PERSONAL SUCCESS!

Among other skills, this book provides steps and interactive resources explaining: HOW to DEVELOP and LEAD your powerful UNCONSCIOUS MIND.
HOW to MOTIVATE YOURSELF and get more SATISFACTION & FUN in your swimming.
HOW to ACHIEVE GOALS and BUILD CONFIDENCE using the POWER of your subconsious.
HOW to COPY TOP ATHLETES, use thier secret to WIN.  Athletes spend vast amounts of time and effort training their physical capabilities and skills.  Above all, this book enables athletes to train your MOST POWERFUL resource, the HUMAN MIND.