Julie works with some of the most successful elite athletes within Australia and the world to produce a ‘wisdom model’ attitude to their sport that promotes progression, longevity and mental mindset of accomplishment.

Julie Robinson has helped to transform my approach to swimming and given me the mental weapons I now use to be a confident competitor.

Melanie Wright nee Schlanger

As well as helping the elite Julie has a tremendous reputation for supporting sporting clubs, coaches and parents with strategies and tools to manage young and upcoming athletes.  Parents learn exactly what to say to their child before performances clearing stress, pressure, nerves and anxiety.  With this wisdom the fun and enjoyment is returned into the child’s activities and in turn they relax and perform exceptionally well.

As an athlete it is essential to be powerful not only physically but also mentally; this is when I came to Julie. The effort I put into training is always 110% and I would also seem to be able to find that fire in my belly when I trained, unfortunately I couldn’t say the same when I was behind the blocks ready to race. This is where Julie stepped in and has helped me to realise that I do have this fire in my belly if I can just switch it on. From learning how to switch this on, it has improved my mental state to things that I never believed I could do, even to the near point of believing nothing is impossible. Julie is exceptional in what she does, with such profession and guidance to the healer that she is, she always carries that smile with her and is always more than happy to help.

From the mother of a young athlete:

Your boundless energy and giving style makes you so natural and comfortable in what you do. You have developed his sense of who he is as a person as well as a budding athlete.  His confidence grows in the way you have let him take the lead on what to do next. It is amazing to watch you work with him.  He loves the time that he gets to spend with you and he looks forward to it. I can really see how you take each moment as it comes with him and how totally engaged with you he is. He is clear that he wants to tell you about his ideas and feelings and how he sees the world – and he doesn’t always take the time to do that. I have a feeling it has a lot to do with how you listen. More important than that is the amazing way you understood his personality and needs so soon after you met him.