Imagine stress free parenting and

family time filled with fun!

Anxiety, apathy and nervous disorders are becoming epidemic within our busy and stressful modern society.  Parents need help with quick and easy ways to protect their children and have them thriving in this world.

Julie Robinson and Kelly Robinson are the mother and daughter team with Diplomas in Modern Psychology.  Kelly works directly with your child from her Newtown and Bondi Junction (Sydney) clinics to change those unwanted behaviours and habits and Julie works with parents by conference coaching to help you be armed with revolutionary tools to handle your child in all those challenging situations.  With this combination the results are outstanding!

Julie Robinson is a renown Mind Trainer who has worked with parents and children for over 8 years. She specialises in supporting parents with children of behavioural issues, Aspergers and those parents of young athletes.  Her workshops around Australia and the UK are thrilling parents with insights and easy, quick procedures to encourage change.

Kelly Robinson is a modern and exciting hypnotist using the skills of her Diploma in Modern Psychology to create lasting transformations in her clients.  She has an amazing way of relating to children and young people that is dynamic and fun.  Her clients cannot help themselves by being delighted with gaining control, confidence and happiness in their life.

Kelly and Julie provide a comprehensive system of change work that can complete a modern family. Please CLICK HERE for COSTS.

For the past year my 9 year old son had a nervous tic which caused him to subconsciously make noises at the back of his throat, when sitting quietly watching TV or playing games. Although he was not aware he was doing it, it was driving the rest of the family potty. I took him to see Julie on the recomendation of a friend. After the first session with Julie the noises reduced dramatically and, with one follow-up session they have almost disappeared. It’s great not to have to constantly tell my son to stop making noises, which of course made no difference anyway  – we are all delighted!